Cruise Catering
Excellent cuisine is a fundamental ingredient for a successful cruise.                                     
Choosing our Catering for your ship means choosing an active partner fully aware of all the ship-owner’s needs.  It means directing all efforts towards satisfying the customer and therefore also the clients.  Each menu is carefully studied.                             
Each detail is important in order to ensure that the restaurant service and the cruise becomes fully enjoyable.                                     
That's why we carefully assesses and plans each individual element: from sourcing to a constant care over the professional skills of the staff, and from the evaluation of the customers' tastes to the development of total co-operation with the individ.                   
A Top Quality Service can be provided, based on the co-operation with International Star Chefs and world renowned Restaurants, who can develop special menus and services evoking atmosphere, flavors and taste of the high cuisine.                    

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Address: 1st Floor, Al Hajry Building,
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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